BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him”]

 BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him”]

Webster’s dictionary defines “him” as male and/or in reference to a male, but the beautiful (ahem…and sometime lonely) women of the cyber world have turned “HIM” into a person they’re in a “relationship” with. 
Social networking powered by delusion; gave birth to “HIM.”

The power to update a status of what you’re doing or will be doing with “HIM” has destroyed some female’s brain cells because most times a reference to being with this “HIM” is made up.

Most females are in a secret competition with one another, where the game is to show others how poppin’ her and “HIM” is. Females feel the need to out do each other with the affection of their boo and/or the amount of things they do together. If a female is out, she loves to tell others, mainly other females, what her and her man is doing. The problem is, most females don’t have a boo to be the real “him” so the logical explanation is to create one, therefore controlling “HIM.”

With a created “HIM” you will never have problems and you two can be doing whatever you want, when you want, while in reality your home under the covers with a scarf on.

Females in ‘real’ relationships give “him” a name, why? Because females in real relationships are always with that “HIM,” there is not need to give your ‘real’ boo the “HIM” title.

The difference between keeping your relationship to yourself vs. being with “HIM” is, if you’re ‘in a relationship’ that you want to keep  yourself you say NOTHING, no reference to ‘him’ at all. Females in “HIM” relationships will tell you every single thing ‘him’ and her do, they give ‘him’ more airtime than a real previous boo because they control what she and this fictional person do together.

HIM” is possibly the best lover ever created, he only exists in ‘happy’ times. He doesn’t talk back nor does he ever curve you to do other things. “HIM” usually exists only on the weekends or when others are not around.

Beware of people who promote “HIM” as they’re boo they’re capable of telling you anything to seem popping.

By K.E.L.L.s

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