BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him” Part II]

 BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him” Part II]

“It’s Alive!…It’s Alive!” –Delusional Women In Excitement Of Creating A “HIM”

The secret competitive world of relationships; often stated, never seen and possibly never real. The ideal creation and/or reason to have a “HIM” is to outdo, outshine and seemingly out sexy the ‘opposed’ competition. Many females are so competitive towards friends, self appointed haters and ladies in real relationships that they feel the need to toss the “HIM” grenade at all possibly times. ‘Drinks with “HIM” later…’ is the most updated occurrence in our now delusional social networking world.

The creation of “HIM” is often to taunt an ex-lover, seek attention from who you really want, kill your competition and/or avoid the reality of your loneliness.

Dream it into reality and speak it into existence, but the problem with “HIM” is a unreal expectation of what you’d normally get and/or experience. Whether females are aware of it, males pay attention, the attention most females seem to get from “HIM” is far greater than what we’re willing to give. A male will often think to himself ‘If this “HIM” has time to work, take care of responsibilities and still be out drinking, electric sliding and entertaining every night how can I compete with that?’

Most women have unknowingly set their self up for failure with the creation of this “HIM” because no man will ever feel the need to compete with it.

“HIM” relationships offer nothing but upset for a female. The creation of “HIM” is actually causing more harm rather than solving a problem. Females in real relationships don’t feel the need to call their boo a “HIM” because they’ve invested too much time into that person to hide it. If they feel the need to not share information on who their man is, they will saying NOTHING.

Claiming to call your new boo “HIM” out of wanting to keep your business private is a contradiction within itself. Rather than calling your secret “HIM” to avoid nosey people, wouldn’t it make more sense to say nothing?

The idea of keeping your business to yourself does not mean give it a AKA of “HIM” that’s doing more damage than the actual name of who he really is. The love interest who’s attention your really seeking has paid attention to your “HIM” claims and may feel inferior for not being able to make you as happy as “HIM” does.

Be careful, because that relationship you created to draw attention may be the reason your still single, lonely and getting NO attention.

By K.E.L.L.s

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