BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him” Part IV]

BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him” Part IV]

So are you happy? Does “HIM” really do everything better than your Ex? Really?..Really!? -People Fed Up With The “HIM” References.

Amazingly a woman can break up with her real life boo and have a “HIMminutes later, but to make it more believable women should build the relationship, you can’t be committed Monday, argue Tuesday, breakup Wednesday & suddenly have a “HIM” Thursday. We  understand, you wanna prove to your Ex that his spot has been filled but only a idiotic male gives in to this beautiful depiction of “HIM.”

Ask her where “HIM” works, ask her how long she’s known “HIM,” then ask yourself if competing with a fictional character is really worth it? There is a big difference between having a “him” and keeping it secret vs. Having a “HIM” who actually isn’t a secret but rather non-existent. Delusional women will say they’re trying to be low but in the same sentence promote their “HIM.” If you wanna ‘Jay & Beyonce’ your relationship cool, but don’t be all on social networks telling us what you and “HIM” is doing then try to keep “HIM” a secret. “HIM” is only real as much as you promo “HIM,” the more you refer to “HIM” the less likely he is actually real and/or how happy you really are about it.

Women will one day realize that creating a new boo to make your old boo jealous will only leave them aggy in the end. Men don’t bow out fast we just realize fighting against “HIM” we can’t win. Everything “HIM” does is perfect because he is a perfectly built lie in a beautiful imagination (see Night Of The Living “HIM” III ).

Men stand no chance going up against a force designed to win. “HIM” is only created to make you angry so how can you win against that? That’s like bringing a picture of a knife to a gun fight.

Soon women will come to terms with the idea that if you want someone, be with them. Jealousy is actually counter-productive in getting your man to do as you please, he’d rather take his chances with hoping you realize you love him than compete.

Kill “HIM”

By K.E.L.L.s

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