Change Goin’ Come! Stage 5 (The Push vs. The Pull)

Change Goin’ Come! Stage 5 (The Push vs. The Pull)

“…Whose Ass I Gotta Kick” -President Barack Obama

The best job you can do is to not be held responsible and/or accountable for anything. Being the leader or the point person in any form of organizational structure will always gain you praise, as well as, hate. The easiest thing to do is criticize the job of another person. Everyone assumes to know what’s best when they don’t have the real consequence of dealing with the aftermath of those real decisions.

Many believe they would do a better job than president Obama is doing, not taking into consideration the state he was handed the union. Sure there were things promised not done yet but the political red tape of the real world slows any process down. Something as simple as renaming a street goes through many levels of legislation, so why isn’t this expected for the decisions & plans the president has planned? There are countless meetings just to talk about the meeting coming up. We are all familiar with the hood term “politics” and we all knows that it means a process we can’t control, so why are we lost, confused and for some, upset with the job being done?

For everything good he does he’s criticized for ten things wrong. Some out of his control, most take time & others not fast enough, yet people want immediate improvement. The U.S.A has been in trouble for some time. There are many things set in place to avoid problems but those things have been crumbling for years. Reaganomics, which  happened DECADES ago, is the actual cause of the state we are in. That was the start of the end. So before you criticize things you don’t understand do your research and learn our history. The current Prez is actually responsible for fixing problems that failed 30 years ago & it will take long after he’s served & gone for our problems to be fixed.

Land of the free home of the “know it alls” this is America.

By K.E.L.L.s

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