Fu*k The Wedding Reception Speech

Fu*k The Wedding Reception Speech

So what the fu*k happened? When did we start replacing experience with convenience? What trails and tribulations are we going to tell our kids about how our loved flourished over everything? Who will stand and give the “I remember when” wedding reception speech? What drunken heartfelt “these two been through it all together” speech will be heartfelt? Does anyone give a sh*t about the wedding reception speech?

One day we all want to fall in love and get married, only a fool will tell you otherwise. Marriage is stereotyped as a means to an end of our freedom and our “fu*k everything” independent lifestyle. Most avoid it like the plague, but truthfully we all want it.

The problem with our relationships today is we don’t see the bigger picture, we want it to be way to easy. We over react, create a paranoia and sabotage our own relationship. Words of good intention get lost in translation, it’s much easier and far less stressful to just say fu*k it and move on, but in the scheme of the bigger picture is that the best decision?

We can build a life with someone, have it not work and move onto another person whom we easily make it work with, but are we really happy that way? (See Love & Life Pt. 9 Viva Las Vegas Edition II “Goin’ For Broke…” http://bit.ly/H8XHA2)

Shouldn’t the problems in your relationship make you stronger? Shouldn’t the problems make it worth fighting for? Wouldn’t all that make a beautiful wedding reception speech?

To Be Continued.

By K.E.L.L.s

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