Love & Life Pt. 11 (Temporary Madness)

 Love & Life Pt. 11 (Temporary Madness)

*Inspired From Music By Rugz D. Bewler “All I Need Is 20” Mixtape [Side B]


You can’t love someone without hating them a little bit. They say being in love is a temporary madness. When your in love nothing else matters, it’s almost like being in a dream, time just stands still. Once you wake up from that dream you have to make a decision, either keep dreaming or stay awake. But is “love” the idea of never being able to be apart or is that what “being in love” is?

Love actually isn’t spending every moment together, it’s not falling asleep and waking up smiling at one another, it’s not even day dreaming about kissing that person, love isn’t the thought of living together forever. It’s not excitement or happiness, laughing or crying, all of those things are just what being in love is, which like many other things we can convince our self we are.

“Love” is the after affect of “being in love,” it’s the memories we have once being in love has burned away. Many people don’t truly understand what love is or what it means to love someone. None of us will ever be a perfect definition of what love is and chasing it will only result into you convincing yourself time after time that your actually in love. Any of us can be in love but only few actually find love.

Being in love is the strong feelings you have for something we like a lot. Its very immature and careless to say, “hey I like you a lot” so we substitute that strong liking to being in love. The excitement of being in love is what drives love.

“Being in love” can fade away but “love” always remains.

To Be Continued.

By K.E.L.L.s

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