Love & Life Pt. 9 (Viva Las Vegas Edition II “Goin’ For Broke…”)

Love & Life Pt. 9 (Viva Las Vegas Edition II “Goin’ For Broke…”)

Are you happy? Does he/she fill your heart with so much happiness that no one else matters? Really? That’s nice, I’m happy for you, we’re all happy for you. We see you smiling, that little grin on your face, awwwww. Now, let’s come back to reality. Are you really happy in your current relationship? Or are you so eager to get over your ex that you FORCE your new relationship? You want it to work but what you really want is to get over your ex, make them mad in the process or prove to them you’ve moved on in hopes of them running back to you. Many play the game, few understand it but no one wins.

We put so much into a previous relationship that our next one has to be the jackpot, it has to last and we have to be happy. If you can’t sit down and think of three things that make your current better than your previous perhaps you’re forcing that situation. Some people, through delusion, will truly be happy with a person but knows it isn’t who they want to be with.

It’s usually obvious to spot a forced relationship or to tell who and what relationships aren’t genuine. The idea of being lonely makes people very desperate, although the person they pick isn’t a bad catch; it just isn’t the person they truly wish they caught. Love is a beautiful thing, being in love with someone you truly want is even better.

Every relationships is different & every situation requires different answers. Make sure you take the right test & give the right answers.

By K.E.L.L.s

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