Love & Life Pt. 9 (Viva Las Vegas)

 Love & Life Pt. 9 (Viva Las Vegas)

Why can’t any of us ever break up? Sure we love the process of love but if that purpose to stay together is gone, shouldn’t we be gone?

Being in a relationship is hard. We pretend outside forces don’t affect our decisions but the very thought of our decisions are based on what other people think & say. We’ll never meet anyone worth being called perfect but we will meet our definition of what we think that is. As we build our relationships, getting to know one another, gaining trust & creating memories that fear of failure always lingers. Time goes by, we fall in love, out of love, break up, make up & hate love. But do we really hate love? Or do we hate the thought of someone else hitting the jackpot we worked so hard to win?

We work to perfect our relationship with a person & when it goes wrong it’s a feeling of failure. The ‘jackpot’ of happiness with that person is now waiting for someone else. We put all this time into this person, loving them so hard that it’ll be easy for the next person to score off my time spent. Just like at a Las Vegas casino slot machine, you pour all these quarters into a machine only to walk away to have the next lucky person try & hit.

To see someone you once loved happy with someone else is difficult. What does he/she have that I didn’t? Most often its nothing, your ex was so hurt at the failure you two had that the next person who stepped up, half decent, seemed heaven sent, now this may or may not always be the case but happiness is only what you make it. If you’re hurt by a previous lover you can easily fall for the next by that feeling & needing to move on.

When playing with love make sure you’re playing for the right things, all slot machines give out different amounts, pouring your quarters into that one may not be worth the jackpot you think you’re getting.

To Be Continued.

By K.E.L.L.s

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