Love & Life (The Prequel) “The Fruit Theory”

Love & Life (The Prequel) “The Fruit Theory”

If you were to eat an apple you wouldn’t mistake it for an orange, nor would you mistake that orange for a grape. Somehow there are several different types of fruit, yet we don’t compare any of them to each other. They come in all shapes and colors, exist in different parts of the world, requiring different things to grow; however, they are all still fruit. Just like fruit, no two men or women are alike; even if you were to find two who are similar, they will not be identical.

The simplest thing can make a major difference. How can we compare two people if they aren’t alike? Should a female who has no kids, no job, but is sexy as hell be compared to a female with a child, good job & her own place? When looking for love should we compare potential lovers to anyone? Does your ex matter if you’re with your next? They say, “It ain’t tricking if you got it,” but what if the dude that’s tricking has no real responsibilities and/or priorities? Should he be compared to a dude with real world bills and consequences of not being responsible?

Fabolous says, “If you’re with the right man you don’t have to price scan,” but do you honestly believe Fab would say that if he wasn’t a rapper? If he had an annual income vs. a rappers’ potential income would he think or believe this? We all get caught up in the facade of another person and the lifestyle they’re either living or portraying. To party in the present is fun, but the future is more promising than today. Can someone be a baller and shot caller if he/she has nothing on the horizon or way of bettering his/her next move: is he/she really a shot caller?

The comparison of two people is almost a definitive act of who you are. No two human beings are alike in the world. We all have different problems and concerns, means of income, and ways in which that income is spent. Two guys making the same annual salary at the same job with the same hours can still live two drastically different lifestyles. We are all masters of our own destiny, so when you find yourself comparing your ex to your next think about what really matters and what’s an intangible facade.

You may eat a grapefruit and it may strangely resemble an orange, but the core and  things that make up the taste are completely different.

Choose your fruit wisely, we may all be called men and they may all be called women but no two are exactly alike. Believe That.

By K.E.L.L.s

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