Nightmare On Karma Street.

Nightmare On Karma Street

“It was a dark and gloomy night…Karma was lurking through the streets looking for it’s next victim…booga booga booga”

Karma is defined as an action or deed that causes the cycle of cause and effect, it allows us to “let go” without feeling defeated. We have to believe in karma, it helps us sleep better at night knowing there is a super hero of justice flying around gunning down motherfu*kers who have done us wrong.¬†Karma keeps us in good spirit with the hopes that everything will be okay.

People make reference to karma like it’s a creature of horror, we only speak about karma as if only bad karma exist, unfortunately, karma is not a bit*h, what goes around does not come back around and nothing that happens to you is the result of karma the big bad wolf. Karma is not on your side, neither is it on the side of someone who did you wrong.

We want karma to save us but it’s hard to judge who karma is working for. Is there a karma energy bar that allows one person to possess more karma power than the other? What goes around comes around but realistically who is it coming for? Does karma reset itself with every social interaction we have? Or is it a¬†“roll-over minutes” kind of plan, where if we do bad over here the karma monster hunts us down wherever to punish us?

There may be a higher power at work that puts things back in its place but is that powered by good or bad deeds? There are people who have been doing wrong forever yet got all the good luck in the world? Some of the nicest people have the toughest luck. How is that explained?

No good deed goes unpunished and regardless of what you do there will always be two sides of the story. There will always be people who appreciate your decisions and others who hate it. Karma works two ways but strangely we all want it to only work in our favor but isn’t that also a cause of karma to come back and get you?

By K.E.L.L.s

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