The Perils of Success Edition 7 (The Importance Of Fake Friends)

The Perils of  Success Edition 7 (The Importance Of Fake Friends)

The thought of not wanting fake friends is unrealistic. If you logically think about it,  not only can it never happen but the idea of surrounding yourself with ‘real’ people is fake within itself. Everyday we put on a smile and socialize with people we really don’t want in our circle, but they’re there.

The beauty of fake friends are obvious, they help you realize who your real friends are and in a setting of success they often go above and beyond with helping you. Most ‘fake’ friends support you and your dreams more than your “real” friends, so does it really matter? They may only be around to further their dreams but use them for their time and be cautious of their fake moves.

Eliminating fake people out your life is impossible, not dealing with them as much is more realistic, but how can you determine who is what? It really shouldn’t matter, or be voiced, about who’s real and who’s fake because time will tell.

At the end of the day if a ‘fake’ friend wants to help you reach your goals, that’s pretty “real,” use them the same way they’re using you.

To Be Continued.

By K.E.L.L.s

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