The Reality of A Real World (Living perfectly in a failed system)

The Reality of A Real World (Living perfectly in a failed system)

If I make a mistake and accuse you of something I’ll apologize out of courtesy. If my instinct is wrong, as a man, I have to apologize, being human and a person of good conscience I will admit my mistake. The problem with the legal system is all words and synonyms of courtesy no longer exist. If a officer says your wrong, you prove your right, admit the misconception and how she/he could think your in the wrong, your still wrong.

Only on television does the idea of having a logical conversation with a law official exist. Most times officers stop us for valid reasons, but there are few times we’re right, only to be told to “take it up with the courts.” Rather than admit his/her wrong, officers send us to a law system that’s designed for us to fail. The law can only judge on what is told and if the officer is present the judge “perceives” their word to be true because they took a oath as a officer of the law, automatically making them right, but at the end of the day police officers are human as well and as humans we sometime lie to get out of a jam.

The quota system in New York City has put a lot of unnecessary pressure on officers causing them to wrongly accuse people just to meet their numbers.

Be careful out there, it’s a cold game.

To Be Continued.

By K.E.L.L.s

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