When Being In Love Goes Wrong “Over-Connected”

 When Being In Love Goes Wrong “Over-Connected

“Hey baby, I tweeted you today. Did you get my text? I called you and left a voicemail, you didn’t get it? I called you at 8 why didn’t you call me back ‘til 10? I see u read my BBM, but no response? Did my e-mail go thru? Who? What? When? Where? And HOW!?”

–The Current State Of Our Relationships

Love is difficult; it’s perhaps the hardest, yet simplest thing to deal with in life. Technology has made it easier to contact your boo to find out how he or she is doing, but at the same time it has ruined love and/or the trust associated with it. It’s very hard to understand why your lover isn’t instantly responding to your messages, especially since we have several ways to communicate. Right?

We live in a world of instant gratification; unfortunately this has altered what we expect in our love lives. We can Google anything at anytime and get an answer instantly, we want our mate to be just as accessible. The thought of them not responding immediately is a major problem in some relationships. We often question a missed or “delayed” communication response because of the convenience of technology and its instant gratification that we’ve grown accustomed to.

Perhaps we grow tired of one another easier because of the over access we have to each other. It doesn’t matter how interesting a person is, constant contact all day may dim the light of interest.

The over-access of communication is a gift and a curse. Many of us cannot deal with the fact that our lover has another life outside of the one you’ve built together. Healthy relationships require a healthy amount of space. In any relationship “me” time is needed.

If you call, text, email, and/or BBM your boo & he or she doesn’t respond immediately do not call/text/email/BBM again asking why there was no response. About 40 years ago a couple of geniuses invented something called CALLER ID, which shows us who called, when they called and how many times they called. Now we have text/email/BBM, which until it is checked will be shown as a new message. Don’t stress yourself with the gift and the curse of being over-connected; you may never know why he or she isn’t replying back instantly. The reason may be valid, most times bullsh*t, but either way, don’t over-access your relationship then question its very existence.

Stay connected.

By K.E.L.L.s

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