Change Goin’ Come! Stage 4 (Eight Years Behind A Four Year Fresh Start)

Change Goin’ Come! Stage 4 (Eight Years Behind A Four Year Fresh Start)

”George Bush Had Eight Years To Rip Apart The Country, President Obama Cannot and Will Not Fix It Four” -Kells

It clearly is easier to ruin something than fix it. Imagine starting a race in eighth place with a injury, the person in 1st is in top condition, it’s almost like racing against yourself. The more the current commander in chief repairs the more things there are to fix, it’s a failed system set in place by previous heads of government.

Regardless of how you feel about his progress or the things he has or hasn’t accomplished President Obama has done more in his few years than Bush did his whole term. We have a clear agenda of what’s to be done & presumption of how it will be done. Politicians have a tough job because an agenda must be laid out regardless of if it will get accomplished or not. Think about our own personal to do list that consist of minimal tasks that never get done, when we want it done, such as make doctor appointment, buy lotion, pick up cleaners, whatever daily errands we plan to cross off, now compare that to a countries to do list, fix economy, stop war, create jobs for 800,000 people! How will this be possible to do in the allotted time given to the Prez?

We all spend more time talking about what a person didn’t do rather than what they did. Obama cannot wake up, rub his head, drink a cup of OJ & say ok let me fix this shit. There is & will always be political red tape that prevents immediate actions. Congress, legislators & the house prevent dictatorships by a process many don’t understand. Pres Obama can only work as hard as the structure allows him.

Obama has made history not only by winning the election but also by many of the actions he stands behind, healthcare, the economy, the war are all things he stands firm in. Many of us get stressed & discouraged from our small task of responsibility now imagine running the U.S.A? Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown.

By K.E.L.L.s

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