BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him” Part III]

BATTLE OF THE SEXES [Night Of The Living “Him” Part III]

“…we don’t ever go out…I mean yea sometime we go out but damn what u call it and her boo go out ALL the time…” -Anonymous Women Fooled By The “HIM” Revolution

The idea of faking a boo to make others jealous or to create the illusion that you’re out on the town doing something when your actually home doing nothing seemed like a good idea right? The pioneer of the “HIM” movement set out with good intentions of letting others know she has somebody who does whatever, whenever and however she wants. “HIM” is on call at all times, he always has money, never works and strangely he’s never tired. On the surface the idea and creation of “HIM” seemed harmless but what most women don’t know is, “HIM” has set the bar to unmatchable expectations, he has made it impossible to be a good boyfriend to women who stupidly believe in this urban myth of “HIM.”

Women in real relationships are strangely jealous of her friend and “HIM,” never mind the logic reasoning of why their homegirl is using “HIM,” all she cares about is the two of them always being out. Men feel the pressure; how can you compete with a ‘make-believe’ person? The pretend existence of “HIM” puts a strain on real couples. You’re tired? You have to work tomorrow? You have to help your grandmother do what!? She doesn’t care, she does not want to hear it and she’s not impressed. Why? Because her friend’s “HIM” is always on deck, he always puts her first and if he can make time to do everything so should you. Right?

In general, what most women will never understand is people put out what they want others to know. The secret competitive world of females is a constant battle to see whose love life is more exciting. “HIM” can and will always outdo a real life boo because “HIM” is rich yet never works, he has no real life responsibilities and he does everything right, every time, all the time. Men in real relationships are put under the microscope for not being as good as “HIM.”

The problem with “HIM” is once created he has to keep up appearances in the creators life. Right? Some men believe women use the word “HIM” rather than a name, because “HIM” can be substituted with any dudes name. Women who use “HIM” may be perceived as being a hoe by most men, the assumption is that the names change so much she creates “HIM” to avoid the hoe title. So are you REALLY sure you want to be laying in bed with “HIM”?

Between fairy tale competition and fighting a battle impossible to win against “HIM,” the nonsense has to stop. If you’re lonely and/or delusional do it on your own time. “HIM” has served its purpose, many people are now on to what “HIM” stands for, so drinks with “HIM” is no longer impressive, it’s actually hurting another relationship.

By K.E.L.L.s



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