Love & Life Pt. 10 (The Coke Machine)

Love & Life Pt. 10 (The Coke Machine)

Ever try to knock over a soda machine? Yes? No? OK go & try. To tip a coke machine you have to sway it, it’ll rock back & fourth a few times before it falls to the ground and when it falls your back will hurt; the spill will be nasty & not worth the work put into pushing it over. Relationships are similar to knocking over a soda machine, just like being in love, getting over it, knocking it down or leaving that relationship won’t be easy. You’ll break up several times before either realizes this is where I belong or I have to knock this sh*t over.

The pursuit of love is not easy, miscommunication can cause delusions of your love or feelings for that person leading you to question the others motives. Does he/she really wanna end it by knocking us down or is he/she just trying wake me up to realize this is where I belong?  Sadly we all want things to be black and white or right and wrong, but love does not operate that way. Love is the only emotion where right or wrong does not, or should not exist and if it does you better not utter the words “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

Do we ever really wanna break up; do we really want that machine to fall? Keep pushing anything & it will drop. Light pushes will alert a person of true love, heavy forceful pushes will wake the person up & have them make a decision, but pushing it completely to the ground might end up in results you may not truly want.

Push with caution.

By K.E.L.L.s

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