When Being In Love Goes Wrong “Little Red Corvette”

 When Being In Love Goes Wrong “Little Red Corvette”

I Guess I Should’ve Known, By The Way U Parked Ya Car
Sideways That It Wouldn’t Last…
See You’re The Kind Of Person, Who Believes In Making Our Once Love Em & Leave Em Fast. -Prince “Little Red Corvette”

Is it possible to love a promiscuous lover or someone who in the past had a “loose” lifestyle? Do people ever change? Or is the old saying “can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” true? What really matters, the fact that we had lovers in the past or the number of lovers we had? Should it matter? And if so, how can we ever learn to love or be in a relationship? Virgins no longer exist, so aren’t we all “loose?”

People can and do change given the right circumstances. An insecure person cannot be in a committed relationship with a person of a “sexually free” background, or someone who used to live a wild life; the simple thought of him/her “sexually sweating” with another person would destroy their brain! To have the image of someone in between his/her lovers legs would simply drive them crazy. At some point in time your current was with another, so why devote brainpower to thinking about it?

Does asking him/her about their past solve any age-old mystery? Does it make you feel better? How does this particular questioning of the past benefit your current relationship? I understand we all want to learn about the person and what his/her past lovers were like, but asking or caring about sexual escapades solves nothing. Knowing whether they are disease free and healthy should be the only thing of concern. Love the one your with and don’t worry about who he/she has been with.

By K.E.L.L.s

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